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Professional editing, copyediting, proofreading, and manuscript preparation services

You have come to the right place for individualized, professional service at an affordable rate.  I will take a personal interest in your manuscript because I want to help you succeed. You can count on me to take your project to heart. 

You have worked hard to get your thoughts, ideas and words down into written form. Your next step is to refine your work into a final product. It is important to have your manuscript reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes, and it is best if they are the eyes of an objective professional. I can assist you in polishing your piece of writing to make it shine.

The quality of your written product has a major impact on how it is received. Even if you have exciting and/or creative ideas, they may not be recognized if they are not clearly and capably expressed. Proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and sentence structure are essential, as are the more creative aspects of good writing, such as overall content structure, word choice, description, emphasis, point of view, continuity, and the flow of ideas.  My goal is to guide you to a cohesive, well-written product that optimally showcases your ideas and creativity.  My work is also meant to be invisible so that the finished product, especially fiction writing, should still reflect your personal style and voice.

If you have written it, I can edit it!

Some writers may find it intimidating to work with an editor, but that need not be the case. I work with beginning writers as well as repeat clients, and my one-on-one relationship with you will reflect your level of needs. You will find that I am accessible and easy to work with! 

I work with both fiction and nonfiction, and I can assist you with a variety of work projects, including the following:

  • Book manuscript (fiction or nonfiction)
  • Short story
  • Academic journal article
  • Magazine article
  • Academic essay or research paper
  • Thesis or dissertation
  • Business writing
  • Webpage text
  • Cover/query letter
  • . . . any other writing project you may have


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